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Everybody Panic: President Obama Looks Old

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"President Obama didn't look his age when he took office in January," writes Jane Ridley for the NY Daily News. "Ten months later, nobody would mistake him for a kid." We have a Commander in Chief who ages! The indecency!


Ridley notes that "there are flecks of gray in the mane" and "his face has grown more gaunt."

Two things:
1. Really? because he looks the same to me.
2. Who cares?

As the commenter known as "Railsplitter" writes on the Daily News site:

HA!! Every president has aged within the first year or two in their job! Look at Clinton and Dubya! Both aged like 20 years!!! Its not an easy job haters, and no one seriously expected him to clean up this mess he inherited in 10 months!


When is the sick obsession this society has with youth (or a youthful appearance) going to end? There was a time when politicians would powder their wigs — to look older. With age comes wisdom, experience and maturity. Admirable qualities in a leader. And let's face it: Would you rather he focused on cosmeceuticals? Or Afghanistan?

Ten Months After Inauguration, Stress Is Showing On President Obama's Face [NY Daily News]
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Fact: Kenyans age faster than Americans.

Fact: Keeping secrets about your TRUE RELIGION ages you.

Fact: Karl Marx lived to be 64, Adolf Hitler lived to be 56, BOTH multiples of what? That's right EIGHT. And what age is Barack Obama right now? 48! AND WHAT IS THAT DIVISIBLE BY? This is clearly the year that Obama's fascist marxist communism is reaching the height of its power, and he is morphing into KADOLF MARXLER. Obviously. I mean, it's just MATH.