Everybody Breathe Easy — RPatz Definitely Won’t Be Ruining Finnick

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After the racial brouhaha that surrounded a Hunger Games fan's Tumblr site calling for Jesse Williams to play Finnick, every bigoted fan of the Suzanne Collins trilogy seemed to become a bigtime casting director overnight, suggesting, with varied levels or ardency, Finnicks from across the pallette of tan or tannable skin tones. These included Ian Somerhalder, Chace Crawford, Taylor Kitsch, and even YA-screen-adaptation vet Robert Pattinson because, according to what one unnervingly specific "Jesse For Finnick" dissenter wrote at first mention of Jesse Williams in the role,

Finnick Odair in my eyes is Tall, young, disheveled medium long luscious Golden blonde hair, ocean blue colored eyes, he has a glowing tan, washboard abs, and wears almost no clothes, at the same times carries a trident.


Umm, cool. Robert Pattinson, though, isn't going to be that strapping, bedhead, trident waving beefcake, at least not according to his agent, who flatly told Pattinson that, no, he absolutely wasn't being considered for a role in Catching Fire when Pattinson succumbed to internet rumors and asked if he might be a Finnick possibility, as reported in USA Today.

Meanwhile, over in Taylor Kitsch's broken snow globe of an acting career, don't expect the endearing television character formerly known as Tim Riggins to be in a major blockbuster until he changes his name to "Not the Same Guy from John Carter."

Robert Pattinson falls for ‘Hunger Games' casting rumor [USA Today]

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Here we go. A little vintage Chris Atkins/Blue Lagoon is totes Finnick.

You're welcome.