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Everybody and Their Mothers Think Hillary Clinton Should Run for President

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Two notable Democrats have recognized the cosmic inevitability that Hillary Clinton will one day become president of a utopian future nation comprised of every North and South America nation. Okay, no one's exactly said anything like that, but both Nancy Pelosi and Ed Whoops-I'm-Still-Talking Rendell believe that Clinton will make a bid for the White House in 2016. Pelosi said touchingly that she thinks she has a really good chance to see a female president in her lifetime because how could Hillary Clinton not be president? "Why wouldn't she run?" Pelosi rhetorically asked the San Francisco Chronicle. "She's a magnificent secretary of state. She's our shot."


Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, — which sort of sound like the beginning of a climactic chapter in a novel about Amish werewolves — former Governor Ed Rendell said with typical Philadelphia bluster that, not only has he been haranguing Clinton to run for president whenever she has downtime during her busy travel schedule, he's also volunteered to serve as her campaign manager, for the price of on the house:

She is bone-tired - the job of secretary of state is far more grueling than that of the president, with the non-stop traveling, the constant jet lag, and the odd-hours phone calls to accommodate foreign officials' schedules. Still I believe that when she gets some rest and has a chance to reflect on what she wants, the challenges facing the country will be too great for her to resist and she will change her mind.


"Gee, thanks, Ed!" is probably what Clinton texted him before then photoshopping a picture of him with cheesesteak all over his face and showing it to Angela Merkel for a hearty, international laugh.

Nancy Pelosi skilled in art of political warfare [San Francisco Chronicle]

Ed Rendell: I Believe Hillary Will Run [Buzzfeed]

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Kat Callahan

I was a delegate for Hillary. I don't think she'll run, but I sure as hell hope she does. I was no PUMA, though. I supported the president, and I can't imagine not having done so. Obama made me a couple of a promises that I took personally, and foremost amongst them was the fall of DADT. He did it. The military I served in for 2.5 years didn't suddenly explode.

Not as happy on the loss of the public option, but very happy on Obama's support of marriage equality.

If Hill runs in 2016, she'll have me as a supporter, a voter, and (if I can swing it again) a delegate, but as far as second choices go, President Obama has been awesome, and we could have significantly worse. *coughjohnedwardscough* Oh, me? No. I didn't say anything. Just have a nasty cough. An incredibly sleazy cough.