Every time some stupid guy (or clueless woman) tells us that there isn't a need for "feminism" anymore because sexism doesn't exist, we will point them to the following waste of RAM on the Daily Mail. Some clever Photoshopper put together a gallery of images to represent what the world would be like if women were in charge. Unfortunately, their hypothesis isn't even of the over-arching Sally Field variety, but more of the Rush Limbaugh-mentality. For example: women are bad drivers and therefore need special speedometers and parking spaces; our action movie stars would fight with flowers instead of swords and lip-stick shooting guns instead of bullets; before getting caught on camera speeding we'd have signs posted to remind us to fix our hair and makeup; our tools, like a computer mouse and Swiss Army knife, would be double duty as beauty products; our work-out shoes would have heels; and the instructions for assembling furniture would simply say, "Call Daddy". You know what? Fuck you, Daily Mail. [Daily Mail]