Every Little Girl Dreams Of Dressing Like Paris Hilton

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  • Shopping.com took a poll and the most popular pop-culture costume idea was a Jail-Bird Paris Hilton. Seriously, if a trick or treater comes to our door in an orange jumpsuit and a blond wig holding a ham and cheese sandwich, they will get all our candy. [SeattlePI.com]
  • Score one for reproductive-rights advocates in Connecticut: The state's Catholic Hospitals have agreed to dispense emergency contraception to rape victims, reversing their previous position. Too bad they only gave in because a new law was going to require it within a matter of days. [ABC News]
  • Anorexia nervosa news: Researchers in San Diego have discovered that anorexics taste food differently than the average person, while a professor of psychiatry in London thinks the disease can be passed down from mother to daughter. [Science Daily, Daily Mail]
  • Remember the Harvard Medical student who wanted to be able to take a break during her licensing exam to pump her breast milk and a bunch of doctors told her she couldn't? An appeals court decided that she can. [Boston.com]
  • A pregnant woman, who was employed at a plastic surgery office, claims she was fired because she wouldn't "suck in" her pregnant belly. Her bosses feared her big stomach would turn off patients who came in to improve their own appearances. Yeah suck that baby in, fatty, make it hide behind your kidney or something. And these people are technically doctors?! [ThePittsburgChannel.com]
  • Dear Boyfriend: The smoking you insist on doing even though you keep swearing your going to quit? it's going to make your boner flaccid. Yeah. Sure, we'll pick up the patch on the way home. [NEWS.com.au]

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There's just something innately creepy about plastic surgeons. My byofriend's mom was just in to get some scars lazered off, and she joked how her husband told her she should get a boob job, and the doctor looks her up and down and says "We could take care of that for you too."