If I have to hear "Happy" one more time, I am going to actively defenestrate someone. It's been played at every wedding I've been to this summer and I've heard it done as a jazz cover (nice) and then also once as a rock thing? (weird). But now Weird Al has done a parody of the song and I must grudgingly admit that it's pretty awesome.

Detailing every way in which one can be tacky in this day and age (glitter crocs, saying YOLO, glitter crocs), Weird Al and his friends Margaret Cho, Aisha Tyler, Eric Stonestreet, Jack Black and Kristen Schaal dance their way through some kind of abandoned building while wearing groovy clothes that will likely give you a seizure. It's Weird Al being Weird Al and it takes me back to eighth grade when I thought there was no cooler song than "Amish Paradise." Actually, there still isn't.

Check out the video for "Tacky" on Nerdist. (Unfortunately, embeds of the video are not currently functioning.)


Image via Nerdist