Ever Tried To Change The Way Your Guy Looks?

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How many times have you had the conversation where you're like, so-and-so is cute, and your friend goes, "Yeah, but his hair is too long/shirt is ugly/shoes are bad"? Men are critical of women, this we know, but in a survey written about in the Daily Mail, 47% of women said there is at least one thing they would change about their partner's appearance. It's like that movie where Melissa Joan Hart gave Adrian Grenier a makeover! Because if you're a girl who likes guys then you know: Sometimes dudes need help. Even in this age of so-called metrosexuality, while women get manicures, waxes, highlights and sweater de-fuzzers, men often show up with shitty haircuts, crappy clothes, yellow teeth and stoopid shoes.

The survey also revealed almost half of the 3,000 women polled had already tried to subtly change their guy's style. And 55% of those reckon their boyfriend or husband didn't mind that they were trying to mould them into someone else.


(Confession: I had a boyfriend for whom I found myself constantly buying clothes. He was like," You're so sweet," but I was thinking, "This is the only way I can be seen with you!") Anyway, the survey revealed the top ten things women would change about their man:

One: Weight Two: Dress sense Three: Hair (or lack of) Four: Teeth Five: Height Six: Man boobs Seven: Nose Eight: Feet Nine: Legs Ten: Bum


Weight, clothes and hair? Understandable, been there. Fixable! But nose? Are you sure you even like the guy?

Half Of Women 'Want To Change How Their Partner Looks' [Daily Mail]

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

@FreudianSlip: "umm am i the only one who's BF is better dressed than me? "

Nope. As a matter of fact, I've attracted that more than once.

@mercymercyme: Additionally, other than with uber-fashion plate girls, the girl is usually cleaning the boy up; requesting dumpage of clothes with stains and/or holes; ironing; getting colors to match.

Whereas when the obverse is uncomfortable, it's usually about some sort of clothing-tightening or weight loss to get the woman to "look conventionally hot." (Plus it seems to be more about his ego than whether she wants to be improved, which is why I don't necessarily go for women sneakily "improving" men who didn't ask for it — if it's just a question of "from Lands End to Calvin Klein" either. Control freakiness do not dig.)