A story on the challenges facing the denim line 7 For All Mankind in the Wall Street Journal today helpfully reminded us of the "challenges" faced by such other and equally-ridiculous brands behind heinous Los Angeles-spawned fashion fads like Uggs, Crocs... von Dutch trucker caps. And yes, the word "challenges" is employed, because, while back in 2003 you probably thought the challenge would be wiping the words "Von Dutch" permanently from your mental cache, that part turned out to be relatively easy! And meanwhile, some bank is trying to figure out how to salvage the $20 million they invested in the business because while fashion may be fickle, the kids selling these hats say they've really tapped into the zeitgeist, that they could have the next big lifestyle brand here. (People said the same thing about Ralphie Lifshitz and those Polo shirts and what the hell are you going to do with all that cash your private equity firm raised anyway? Invest in like, "biotech" or something else that takes actual brains to understand?)

Anyhow friends, the moral of the story is this: For every really idiotic ephemeral fashion trend out galvanizing the brainless youngsters, there are a couple of rich bankers shitting themselves about how to recoup their ill-advised investment in it. And that is probably the closest we can come to justice in the world.

Related note: What was the last dumb trend you personally invested in? Manhattan Portage? A Prada mini-backpack? Confess here! (Also: American Apparel deep-Vs do not count because I said so.)

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