Ever Been Rejected For A Reason So Stupid, It Was Grounds For A Lawsuit?

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A 77-year-old man is suing a 19-year-old woman for "age discrimination" after she refused to fuck him. This is almost better than the time that guy sued God! The plaintiff is some famous German "playboy," naturally, and you really owe it to yourself to Google Image search "Rolf Eden," just to see the sort of guy that actually feels he is so entitled to sex he thinks it's his legal right — although, heh heh, I suppose countries where you need four eyewitnesses to file rape charges have a few of these, but let's not get too serious it's, um, practically happy hour here — but anyway the whole thing brought up a subject we think about often: Have you ever been rejected on such absurd and wrongheaded, and yet seemingly earnest, grounds, that you actually felt less like crying/cutting/despairing and more like taking the fucker to COURT? I, um, wasn't sure, so I asked the other Jezebels.


Okay, so rendering inadmissible every stupid excuse that enough of a well-known pussy stand-in for "just not that into you," Jennie has been rejected on the basis that she received a grant her love interest coveted, Dodai and Jessica have been rejected on grounds they were "too dramatic" — whatevs! — a few of us have been negged for reasons of religion, and the Anonymous Lobbyist and I have both been on the receiving end of the "if you were girlfriend material, you wouldn't have slept with me on the Xth date" (Yeah, and it wasn't even always the first!) rationale.

The thing that's most annoying is that the guys were so unself-aware that many of them realized, after the fact, that they'd been wrong. Imagine! The guy who told me I was "too young" when I was 17 and he was 23, went on to date a fortysomething whose daughter then proceeded to draw a picture of him GETTING HEAD from her mother. (Age appropriate!) A few years later, he showed up drunk in my town and proposed. Aw! But not really. Argh.

German Playboy, 77, Sues For Sex [Der Spiegel]


@petuniacat: I've gotten that too! Nobody broke up with me over it, but it's come up in conversation with two different guys. It's weird, you'd think they'd see a girl working a stick as pretty hot...