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Even With Breasts, Black Women Get Short End Of The Stick

Illustration for article titled Even With Breasts, Black Women Get Short End Of The Stick

So there's good news and bad news on the breast-health front. The good news is that breast cancer diagnoses have been on the decline for the past few years, decreasing by about 3.7% each year between 2001 and 2004, according to a report from the American Cancer Society. This is partly because women stopped taking hormone replacement therapy during menopause (the pros and cons of which have been argued so much that we don't know what the fuck to think). But what's troubling is that the decline in diagnoses is also attributed to the fact that fewer women are getting mammograms, therefore they're not being diagnosed. But still, death rates overall due to breast cancer have dropped about 2%. Dr. Harmon Eyre, a rep from the ACS said, "A woman today has a lower chance of dying from breast cancer than she's had in decades." Yay! The bad news is that statistic only really applies to white women and not black women. Boo!


Breast Cancer Deaths Continue To Drop [MSNBC]

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Unrelated to the racial slant on this post: Perhaps more women would get mammograms if they weren't so mind-numbingly painful. I mean, seriously- squeezing the tatas between two panes of glass until they are thinner than the crepes at IHOP? Pleasant! Medicine has come a long way and advances are made every day. Surely there is a way to screen for boobie cancer that doesn't make women want to cut their tits off.