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Even though they shun mainstream American culture, the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints definitely embrace the American way: they're taking national notoriety and turning it into cold, hard cash. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the FLDSers have started a website, the demure prairie dresses seen on the sect's female members are for sale. Maggie Jessop, a resident of the YFZ ranch and a seamstress, tells the Tribune, "Our motive is not to flaunt ourselves or our religion before the world. We have to make a living the same as everyone does." The dresses pictured at left are called the "Teen Vest Dress" and retail for $54.95. [Salt Lake Tribune via Reason]


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I have talked about this before but I think this kind of crap is damaging. When you give a little girl the impression that she MUST be modest and cover up so completely, you are implying that even at that age there is something inherently sexual about her and she can't control it without help.

Not dressing your daughter like a skank is one thing, but what is skanky about jeans? A sundress?