Even Real Housewives Have Kids Who Are Pains In The Ass

Ugh: Last night was the finale of Real Housewives of New York City, but seriously, how can things be over already when they were just getting good and bitchy? Fortunately, we did get more of a glimpse into the psyche of Francois, the oldest of Alex and Simon's little boys. He's wild, and, during the big group dinner at the 21 Club, he caused a scene by screaming at the top of his lungs and destroying someone's $30 cheeseburger. To be fair, if my sister and I were taken to a 5-star restaurant when we were that age, we would've probably beat the shit out of each other, spilled something on my mom, and acted out the little piggy from A Christmas Story. But as Bethenny said, the way that Alex and Simon discuss child-rearing — getting them into the best schools, teaching them different languages, choosing the proper instrument to learn — you'd think their kids would be into Emily Post or some shit. Clip above.

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@ExtraMayo: My diet consists of ramen and Chipotle. Jellybeans and lead paint sounds mightly appealing right now.

@HoneyDijon: It seemed to me that the majority of adult friends we've seen of theirs are also parents of very small children. Probably not totally up to a Saturday night out either. Although, again, why am I defending them? BUTTERHEAD!

@ExtraMayo: Proof! I want proof! I am nosey, and I want proof!

I don't understand why the comments aren't afire with love for Jill. Jill is CLEARLY the best. Reasonable, rational, kind, looking out for the happiness of her husband, friends, daugher and dog; she has been, through this whole show, the most normal human out of them all. She gets mad when it's warranted, but then forgives for various reasons. She doesn't harp on her husband or her daughter, and generally is only worried about whether they're getting along properly. She throws all kinds of parties for her friends, invites everyone to dinner always, is a gracious host, is concerned — but not overly so — with her friends' personal problems and personal happiness.. I fucking love her. LOVE HER. And she's not afraid to poke fun at herself (like her jokes about her outfit to see apartments in).

Also, the phone prank in the fabric store was AWESOME and only made cooler by her totally unabashed laughter.