Even Local Komen Affiliates That Disagreed With Planned Parenthood Defunding Getting Screwed

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Susan G. Komen For the Cure's decision to defund Planned Parenthood and the charity's subsequent lying about why they did it should be a case study for aspiring philanthropists on how not to handle a public relation's crisis (or an aspiring clueless rich lady's guide on how to make Regulars hate you). But when the national organization discontinued grants to Planned Parenthood, not every local affiliate was on board — a fact lost to donors, who are shutting out even the Komen chapters that vocally opposed politicizing cancer.


Six chapters in California, including the affilate in San Francisco, publicly disagreed with their national parent organization when the group announced plans to defund Planned Parenthood in January. Even so, donations to Komen's San Francisco chapter are down a worrying 30% since the charity's implosion.

The national organization has responded to the precipitous drop in donations by shuffling its board around and having its Main Clueless Rich Lady and dear, dear friend of George W. Bush Nancy Brinker step down from her role as President as a way to pretend like she's not still calling the shots. No dice.


According to SFGate, only 650 women have registered for Susan G. Komen's annual San Francisco Race for the Cure charity event, down from 1,100 at this point last year. Leaders of the local organization lament the fact that women are being harmed by a lack of donation to Komen, but their opposition to cutting Planned Parenthood funding doesn't change the fact that Komen is basically a middleman, a donations clearinghouse that skims money off the top before giving doling out funds to organizations that donors would get more mileage out of just gifting directly. It also doesn't change the fact that after decades of racing for the cure and over a billion dollars in donations, we're still no closer to a cure for breast cancer. We are, however, well-outfitted in Pepto Bismo pink Official Breast Cancer Fighting sweatshirts.


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EisenBolan, SJW

The 30 percent drop for Komen has PP or any other health charity seen a rise in donations or are people not donating at all.