Even Kendra's Grandma Can't Resist The Stripper Pole

On last night's Kendra, Kendra was having problems with her personal assistant—who's also her brother's girlfriend—and fired her. Kendra's grandma broke the tension with an impromptu spin on the stripper pole in the kitchen.

Seriously though, how come every time a stripper pole pops up on a reality show, everyone on camera wants to take a turn on it? At least Kendra's grandma is over 18, unlike Kim Kardashian's sisters.



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My husband (of 18yrs) and I got into a true "fight" - not just disagreement - because he wouldn't put Kendra on, claiming it was just "too trashy for anyone." My only defense was... well, YEAH, and WHY DO YOU HAVE THE REMOTE ALL THE TIME?

Pretty moments in marriage. True story.