Even First Kids Have To Make Their Beds • Writers Question Slumdog's Authenticity, Title

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• We'll point it out again for those who missed it: The First Couple are strict parents. Sasha and Malia have to make their beds, scoop dog poop, and be in bed by eight.

• FBI agents and local police force have rescued nearly 50 child prostitutes (aged 13-17) from a nationwide sex trafficking operation. Special Agent Melissa Morrow says that adult prostitutes tipped them off about a sixteen-year-old girl who had been recruiting children into sex work. • A website that sells human hair says they have seen a huge increase in women seeking to profit off their strands as the economy tanks. • A British couple have been rescued after spending 40 days stranded at sea. • Tragic news: three Chinese mothers have lost their children and their savings because of one reckless driver in Ohio. • On Husband's Day, Icelandic woman serve their men traditional delicacies, including ram's testicles. Tasty! • Despite receiving death threats, Hubsi Kramar, the star and director of Josef Fritzl-inspired play Pension F, will not cancel or delay the opening. The (tasteless) show must go on! • Scientists have found a medical reason for bad hair days, and it's not particularly surprising (hint: it has to do with oil and hormones). • Time interviews Barbara Davilman and Liz Dubelman, authors of What Was I Thinking: 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories about bad breakups and first impressions. • Sociological Images has an interesting post about suggestive names of juniors brands, including Tyte, Sugar Tart, and Hooked Up. • Duffy stars in a new campaign for Coca-Cola with the tag line: "I'm no superwoman." The F Word breaks down why this is a problem. • New research shows that gray hair is caused by buildup of hydrogen peroxide, even among those who aren't bottle blonde. • Need a classy way to show off your love for painkillers? Make some Vicodin earrings! • In this sad article, a self-described former street kids claims that "Slumdog Millionaire" does not provide give a "realistic" depiction of life in the slums: "It's no such thing. Slum life is a cage."New York Times writer tackles the film from a slightly different angle, arguing that the word "slum" does not do justice to the reality of Dharavi.

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The grey hair articles confuse me. Both my brother and my father were mostly grey by 25. I have several friends who had to start dying their hair in high school because of grey hairs. (The common thread seems to be Irish heritage but it could just be coinsidence).

Wear and tear or thinning make no sense to me. My dad had hair like Ted Kennedy- white as snow but thick enough to knock you over. None of the people I know who have premature greys have thicker looking hair than average.