Even Cowgirls Get The...

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[Opmeer, Netherlands; August 3. Image via Getty]

Four year old Renske from Hoogwoud gives a big yawn during a Cattle parade of the Agriculture Show in Opmeer, The Netherlands, on August 03, 2009. This event tends to promote agriculture and celebrates this year it's 100th anniversary. AFP PHOTO ANP KOEN SUYK **NETHERLANDS OUT BELGIUM OUT** (Photo credit should read KOEN SUYK/AFP/Getty Images)


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Erin Gloria Ryan

I bet that on Cow Jezebel, there are occasionally posts where lady cows complain about their udder size, and the comments end up turning into a "my udder is a greater inconvenience to me than to you" pissing contest. Or, milking contest. I don't know; I'm not a cow.