Dear Readers: yesterday I failed you. I critiqued Page Six Magazine without so much as reading the cover-touted "Size Zero Sucks: The New Liposuction For Skinny Women." I didn't read it because I was pretty sure I'd read about this new rash of 95-pound women getting express-line liposuction in the the past six months in, lessee, Vogue, Marie Claire, Allure, Harper's Bazaar and approximately three separate issues of Elle. But really, I must confess: I had never read about anyone seeking liposuction on their toes before. Or anything like this:

And the 27-year-old who knew she was about to get engaged, so she booked an appointment for liposuction to get rid of a small bulge around her hips. "She had monitored her boyfriend's e-mail and knew approximately when he would ask her and that he planned to capture it on video," says Dr. Rappaport. "She wanted to look her best."


Other great quotes from Doctors Patricia Wexler (the first) and Alan Matarasso (the second two)

  • "It was easier to do a little lipo than fix the dress."
  • "A healthy person with localized areas of fat can have surgery at 8 a.m. and go out to dinner that night."
  • One woman wanted her forearms done and another wanted the fat on her feet and toes removed. But you can't get more than a couple of grams of fat out of a foot."


Charming, right? And for a new magazine, quite a feat: you sucked and sculpted and reshaped an old women's magazine standby — and wound up with 1,000 svelte words of unadulterated masochistic fun. Congrats!