Eve Ensler and The Vagina Monologues Have Been Summoned to Lansing by Lisa Brown’s ‘Vagina’ Incantation

When Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown (a Democrat, if you can believe it) said "vagina" on the floor of the state legislature, her male Republican colleagues immediately silenced her for fear that she had started a Candyman-like incantation that, if completed, would summon Eve Ensler to and her Vagina Monologues troupe to Lansing. In the days that have followed Brown's careless use of "vagina" (that's two times, so we have to be extra careful now), the worst fears of those House Republicans have been realized.


According to the Detroit Free Press, playwright Eve Ensler will be flying in from California for a Monday evening performance of The Vagina Monologues on the steps of the state Capitol in Lansing. At least nine female legislators will join a burgeoning cast of Michigan actress to put on the play, which, explained protest organizer Carla Milarch, is as good a way as any to ruffle some of those squeamish Republican feathers. "This word being deemed inappropriate to be said on the House floor is creating a stir," Milarch said. "We want to get people thinking about it."

Rep. Brown was banned indefinitely from speaking on the House floor after Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas (R.) freaked out when Brown voiced her opposition to a Michigan's latest abortion law by saying, "I'm flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina, but no means no." House Republicans criticized Brown's statement as vulgar and "unnecessarily provocative," and in paraphrasing her statement no doubt accidentally said "vagina" enough times to ensure themselves an ironic comeuppance for curtailing abortion rights while possessing only the anatomical acumen of eight-year-olds in medieval France.


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