Alright, this is war. The blog "A Socialite's Life" is calling this outfit โ€” which Lost star Evangeline Lilly wore the other day in the Vancouver airport โ€” "a disaster", among other things. (Click through to see the photo enlarged).

[Vancouver, June 2. Image via Flynet.]

Can a female celebrity ever dress purely for comfort and utility without being criticized? And does anything actually ever look bad on Evangeline Lilly? (Besides of course, the get-ups she has to wear in those awful Michelle K ads). It is precisely Evangeline's down-to-earth demeanor (and off-camera clothing choices - overalls rock!) that makes her so appealing. Seriously: One more crack like this from their corner and we're booting the "Socialite" girls off the island for good. (Er, on the island?)


Fashion Disaster: Evangeline Lilly [A Socialite's Life]
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