Eva Longoria Falls Victim To Horrible Photoshop Accident

Italian magazine Amica seems to have Photoshopped all of the Eva Longoria out of Eva Longoria's face. There are no missing limbs or facial features, and Longoria doesn't look "bad," per se — she just looks absolutely nothing like herself. As side-by-side comparison with this recent news wire photo amply demonstrates.


Click to see full cover in high resolution. What's even weirder is that Amica chose to pose Longoria — whose family has lived in Texas since before it was a U.S. state — in this kitschy, tiki culture, island-girl setting. Why is her skin five shades lighter than normal? Why is she holding a papaya? Why does she have tropical flowers in her hair? Why is there a watermelon in the bottom right-hand corner? So many questions.

I'm Not A Housewife [Amica]

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