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Eva Green Had Sex with an Invisible Demon on Penny Dreadful (NSFW)

I don't watch Penny Dreadful, but apparently a ton of my friends do, because this morning I woke up to a Facebook feed clogged with "DEMON SEX DEMON SEX OMG DEMON PENIS DEMON INTERCOURSE DEMON PUT IT IN THERE EVA GREEN OMG DEMON DEMON DEMON." What's all the hubbub? I wondered. Well, here it is. Here is the hubbub. In gif form.

Via Pajiba:

It was a terrible, slow, painful voice-over heavy episode that at times made me want to pull out my eyelashes. However, it did feature one fantastically intoxicating, wildly fantastic, creepy-as-hell scene. It was during the period in which Ives was suffering from madness, bedridden, and under the care of her mother. During one of her spells, Ives had a vision in which she was visited by Sir Malcolm, and those two ended up f*cking. In her dream. That's when her mom walked into the room and found her daughter humping the sh*t out of the ceiling before turning into some kind of demon (in fact, she's being possessed by an ancient Egyptian deity).


And here are the gifs:


Gifs via Pajiba. Well done, Pajiba. Bye now.

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I have to be honest, there's something a little incongruous with the idea of demons banging in the missionary position.