We're big Etsy fans here (even if it is an anti-woman, exploitative conspiracy) and so were psyched when TBI ran pictures of their offices! And (while IRL it's probably got its dull RL ups and downs) it looks so...happy!

This owl is apparently the first thing you see when you arrive at work. Which I guess would really depend on your mood. Oh, they all get their own lab coats, apparently - but wearing them seems to be optional. It's just like art class!

Now, we have a cool office. But we don't have a T-shirt press. So if we wanna press a tee on our lunch breaks, we're SOL.


Speaking of lunch breaks! And they probably all have really nifty lunch bags, too.


I know! It's exactly how you dreamed when you read their Recommendations blogs! There's also this quilt they all quilted in another picture, so these are not purely decorative.

I bet they paint murals all the time, too. And they have an office ecologist. Really. And a rock-band projector.


And, naturally, mucho creative stimulation wherever the eye falls. Plus, you probably get first dibs on all those one-offs, right? And get to know all kinds of awesome crafters! (Maybe some of them are difficult, actually. There are a lot of crafters on that site.)

Etsy: Brooklyn's $135 Million Arts & Craft Powerhouse [The Business Insider]