Essence's Just-Dismissed Managing Editor Secretly Republican and Possibly Racist

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Michael Bullerdick, Managing Editor of Essence magazine, has been removed from the staff of that publication and placed elsewhere (read: fired), after images of his Facebook wall revealed that he's anti-Obama, and pro-extremist right-wing views.


Last July, Essence — ostensibly for and by black women — caused a minor kerfuffle by hiring a white male as Managing Editor. The editor-in-chief, Constance White, insisted that Bullerdick would be responsible for "production and operational workflow," and added: "He has no involvement in editorial content."At the time, critics were incensed; Dr. Boyce Watkins wrote, "I thought long and hard on this one, to ensure that I didn't say anything that would be unfair to Bullerdick, a man who surely worked hard to earn his opportunities. At the same time, there must be consideration for the long list of talented black women who may have wanted this job, but find nearly every door to be shut in an industry that is owned by white folks."

Illustration for article titled emEssence/ems Just-Dismissed Managing Editor Secretly Republican and Possibly Racist

Recent Facebook postings by Bullerdick include anti-Obama links and a caricature of Al Sharpton with the caption "MSNBC Race Pimp."

After the screenshots were shared on Richard Prince's Journal-isms a spokeswoman stated, "By mutual agreement, Michael has accepted a position in another division."

Obviously, Bullerdick could do his job — managing, scheduling, directing — for a magazine in complete opposition to his views. But why would they want to support him? Why couldn't Essence — and its parent company, Time Warner — have gone out of its way to employ a black woman (the, uh, essence of Essence) in the position in the first place? (Psst: The National Association of Black Journalists holds a job fair every year.)

But perhaps the real lesson here is that without social media, we'd never know what kind of nasty thoughts lurk in the minds of jerks. Thanks Facebook!


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Honestly, all the other issues aside for a second, for a person in that kind of a position to put that kind of information/commentary/behavior out there in a medium like facebook shows some seriously bad judgement. If 23 year olds are getting fired/not hired over things they willingly make public that in now way directly insult their own employers, market, customers, advertisers, ect, I can't imagine this kind of behavior leading to a job-loss comes as any kind of a surprise.