ESPN Creates Special Place for People to Complain about Female Sports Commentators

Liberal airing of stupid grievances is a practice that's been perfected on the internet, and nothing gives people stupid crap to be mad about like sports broadcasts. Thankfully, ESPN has streamlined the complaining process, giving users the opportunity to sort their kvetching into categories. Users can complain about "Bands/Halftime performance," "Schedule," "Technical/Audio/Video," or "Commentators- dislike female commentators." Wait, what?

An alert Twitter user noticed this odd "why the ladies be talking?" category for ESPN complaints. Apparently sports fans really hate it when women stand around with their boobs and jewelry acting all fucking smart and shit when it should be a man on the field, a man, I tell you.


ESPN didn't respond to the fan's confused Tweet, but in the meantime, here's hoping that the "Commentators: dislike female commentators" complaints category was designed to filter out the really awful stuff and just send it to an abandoned corner of the internet, where it rots unread for all eternity.


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