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Escaped Dog Delays Flights • FBI Rescues Sex Slaves

Illustration for article titled Escaped Dog Delays Flights • FBI Rescues Sex Slaves

• A stray poodle delayed at least 8 flights at Boston's Logan Airport for about 20 minutes on Sunday when it frolicked on the tarmac. • A new study has found that women who take flaxseed oil in the last two trimesters of pregnancy increase their risk of giving birth prematurely. • More science: a recent study has found that breast-feeding is not a cause of sagging breasts post-pregnancy. •• Eight overweight Texan women reported a dismissive attitude from medical workers, small gowns and small blood pressure cuffs as reasons they are ambivalent to going to the doctor's office. • A 73-year-old British man who previously held the world record for most tattoos (he has full-body leopard spots) has moved away from his remote hut on the Scottish coastline because he's getting too old to canoe to the nearest town. • The FBI announced today that a three-day, nationwide operation that began on Thursday freed 47 U.S. teens from forced prostitution and led to the arrests of hundreds of other people. • A Court of Appeals ruling in the UK that allows trial judges to tell jurors that a rape victim delayed reporting a rape because they felt "shame and guilt" may increase the number of rape convictions. • An all-female Dalit community radio station in India has been steadily gaining listeners and praise since the station first opened nearly two weeks ago. • Wanderlust and The Girls' Guide to India are two travel books that are geared towards the female tourist traveling in India. • A female robber has hit three Columbus-area banks in Ohio in the past week, a rare feat particularly for a female thief. •

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Regarding the flaxseed thing during pregnancy - wow. The spread I used for my bread here in the UK (called "Pure") contains flaxseed oil! It is meant to be good for you because it is high in Omegas 3 and 6.

I hope they put a warning on it in future. It is pretty popular and I bet a lot of pregnant ladies use it daily (I did through at least two of my pregnancies - don't know if it was around back during my first).