Escada's Honored by Sarah Palin's Patronage...Because She's "Attractive"

Illustration for article titled Escada's Honored by Sarah Palin's Patronage...Because She's "Attractive"
  • After Palin names Escada as her fave brand, the creative director is gracious: "If she does wear Escada because she likes it, I mean, I’m honored actually. It’s not politics; it’s clothing, after all. No? She’s an attractive woman, so why not?" [New York Mag]
  • Fashion's totally in the tank for Obama — but we knew that. [WWD]
  • Halloween update: Blake Lively was Cleopatra, Martha Stewart was Medusa. [Sassybella]
  • Andre Leon Talley: "Fashion may not be the most important thing in life, but it definitely helps you get through it," [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  • Adidas launching high-end SLVR line. It'll include sportswear, accessories and shoes — but no activewear. [WWD]
  • Stella McCartney introduces kid-friendly windows. "Using just colouring pencils, Gary Card will create over-layered drawings of animals, dinosaurs, superheros and fantasy inspired characters on children's wardrobes in his typically naive and charming signature style." Just what you want to see on your six-year-old's Christmas list! [VogueUK]
  • SJP's new "Twilight" perfume: just a coinci-dink that it jibes with the teen vampire flick? Synergy! [Fashionista]
  • Georgia May Jagger's "style" includes derby hats, shiny leggings. [ElleUK]
  • Prada's costume jewelry is gorgeous, as expensive as real jewelry. [Fabsugar]
  • Goodwill tries to change its image for the recession; but why? [NY Times]
  • Not shockingly, Anand Jon's defense lawyer says he's innocent. [Breitbart]
  • Suits make the man. [Forbes]
  • Timberland moves into video blogging to woo young men, who allegedly like that sort of thing. [Business Week]
  • The first YSL retrospective is kicking off in San Francisco and sounds amazing: "The clothes, displayed in a gallery with low lighting and the feel of a giant walk-in closet, are stunningly beautiful: A 1988 Van Gogh "Irises" jacket embroidered with 40 pounds of sequins and beads. A 1997 garden party of a gown with a thicket of pink and green organza flowers, leaves, semiprecious stones and satin ribbons. A 1990 coat flocked with flame-colored rooster, pheasant and vulture feathers. The black wool dress with satin collar and cuffs worn by Catherine Deneuve in the 1967 film "Belle de Jour."" [LA Times]
  • Supermoddle Jacquetta Wheeler comes from a huge Tory clan! [Daily Mail]
  • These descriptions of the Australia costumes are totally overcoming our initial resolve not to see it: "Ms. Martin did extensive research for the costumes. She studied archival images and newspapers from 1930s and ’40s Australia and interviewed descendants of the original ranchers around Darwin. 'Whether an indigenous stockman'— or drover — 'wore socks with his boots when he rode a horse, that’s something you either get through a snapshot,' Ms. Martin said, 'or something you have to go talk to the people who lived there about.'" [NY Times]
  • The new Chanel Unlimited bags, in a "glossy gray canvas material," sound grotesque. Opines Fashionista: These are totally Karl's answer to Prada's nylon bags. But worse, because they're plastered in not just one, but many logos." [Fashionista]
  • Yeah it's barely past Halloween, but if you have "questions" about Holiday attire, The Washington Post will help you out. [Washington Post]
  • Rosetta Getty expands her line, beloved of her celeb friends. Nice work if you can get it! [WWD]
  • Is it just us, or are these new Helena Christensen ads for Agent Provocateur really unsexy? (Oh yeah, prolly NSFW.) [Daily Mail]
  • Rochas names Marco Zanini creative director; he'll show his first collection for the the fall/winter 2009 season. [WWD]
  • Princess Di's threads go under the hammer for charity. [VogueUK]



Must remember that being attractive trumps being a willfully ignorant, intolerant liar every day. And it gets you free handbags.