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Erykah Badu: "Just Be Butt Naked Somewhere...With Glitter"

Not a lot of women would defend Louis Farrakkhan, much less defend Louis Farrakhan in Israel but singer Erykah Badu does not give a fuck; she'll tell you if you've got period blood on your ass, she'll tell you when you need to get ass implants, and no she does not know the names of any Israeli pop singers off the top of her head why the fuck should she. In this clip from the forthcoming IFC documentary film Before The Music Dies, Erykah offers up tomorrow's female industry darlings some frank advice on the real secret to success: "ho shit." Lol.


Erykah Badu, Mentor To The Stars To Be [EW's "Popwatch"]

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Cherry-picking is precisely what we do with the people we choose to involve in our lives. We as imperfect beings are going do a host of things, both good and bad, moral and reprehensible. You take the good with the bad or in the words of my Nana, "the bitter with the sweet". You can't say his message is meaningless, just because you don't like a portion of what he says.

Black self-determination is a virtue that he espouses and through his teachings many lost men and women have been found. The total of a man is greater than the sum of his parts and his work will speak for him. For many black people, he has done good work; just ask the thousands of young black men who society would have essentially thrown away, had they not found a place in the Nation of Islam. As I stated in my first post, I don't share his racism or anti-semitism, but I honor is central intention, which is to empower black people to love and govern themselves.