Erin Fetherston For Target: If You Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve (Literally), Your Ship Has Arrived

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Coming this fall to a Target near you? Erin Fetherston's turn at creating cheap-chic wears. And based on the contraband images posted by our friends at Fashionista, the clothes look, well, super Erin Fetherson. That is, they're pretty damn close to tipping the 'Proenza Schouler for Target' end of the scale, as opposed to putting forth a lame-ass 'Patrick Robinson for Target' or a disastrous 'Behnaz Sarafpour for Targe't effort. So yay for Erin for, er, staying Erin! But that's the thing: To like these clothes you have to really, really dig Erin Fetherston style, which isn't for everyone. If you aspire to look like Chloe Sevigny (Vincent Gallo blow-job optional) every single moment of the day or if your look is your favorite kindergarten dress meets Rosemary's Baby, then you totally lucked out.

There are cropped mod-shaped dresses with ruffles and rust tones galore. But there are also heart tights. And heart hand bags. Big hearts. Lots of hearts. Everywhere. So if you like to wear your emotions, than these, yes, are the clothes for you. But if you would rather experience burnt orange culottes in your childhood photos only, you might want to pass. Something to consider, though: The shapeless shifts that have dominated the runways for the past few seasons are swiftly on their way out, with tighter, more form-fitting shapes moving in. So depending on your feelings about this, this may or may not be just the price point with which to invest in one (or 10) last babydoll dresses. Contemplate further with the image gallery, below.


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i can see why some people would be excited—it's distinctive and confident...but i like to dress like a grown woman (who is not a member of the brady bunch).

also, when did texas longhorns orange look good on anyone? again brady-bunch-wise, it reminds me of the carpet in a wood-paneled den.