Erica Jong Would Rather Be A Lesbian Than A Cougar

Feminist author/sex enthusiast Erica Jong (Fear of Flying) let it all hang out during an episode of the highly addictive and educational podcast series In Bed With Susie Bright this past summer. She was way too TMI (which we love in a gal), talking about how her husband likes getting her pubes stuck in his teeth, how she tried being gay for a little bit, and about how being a cougar isn't really all that. is too wise, by then, to think of it as anything but a zipless fuck. Or a zipless fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck... because you don't want to be their nurse, and you don't want to be their purse.


Their whole conversation is pretty fascinating, as both women have been pretty influential in changing the way we think about women's sexuality. First, Erica, 65, dropped the bomb that she tried being a lesbian when she got older:

Affairs with women seem to proliferate after 50. [And] for a while I thought it would be wonderful to be really gay, and I had some experimental flings with women that I really loved. But then I decided that I was kidding myself — that I wasn't really gay — although I loved these women very much.

She then used the opportunity to hit on Susie, complimenting her on her nice tits and saying, "I've always been tremendously attracted to you." Love. Her. In Bed With Susie Bright 299: Aging Fearlessly With Erica Jong [Susie Bright via 10 Zen Monkeys]

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