Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman

If you suspected that actor/perfect voice haver Alan Rickman could bring intensity, depth and gravitas to even the most mundane of tasks then you would be right. Now, answer the question: One lump or two?


Update: Original video was taken down, but we've put in a new one which should work.

[David Michalek]

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I am still so very very very bitter that I was stopped from embarrassing myself to him when he showed up at the same restaurant as the wedding after-party I was attending. They told me to wait until he was actually *in* the restaurant to bug him, and the restaurant was too full for him to come in. SO. VERY. BITTER.

I'm sure I would have acted like an idiot, but I've always wanted to meet anyone who was involved in Truly Madly Deeply and thank them for that film. It quite literally was the only thing that pulled me through my grief 10 years ago.