Last night, Australia's Chadwick Models held a cocktail party. Apparently, the invitations specified LBDs.

Australian model Jessica Hart — who actually writes a moderately entertaining style blog, and for us, those last two words are almost never modified by those first two — rocks a perfectly accessorized backless, strapless LBD.

Hart and her sister, fellow model Ashley Hart. We like Ashley's turquoise nailpolish and the fact that the leopard-print thing Jessica is carrying reveals itself to be a shirt she can throw on later. That's thinking ahead.


This guy, Rhys Uhlich, was on the Australian Make Me A Supermodel when we were last in Sydney. We always thought him quite cute. Nice to know he ended up...going to these kinds of parties. Nonetheless, we have to put him the The Bad for those strategically-ripped jeans, and for the collar that is trying, trying mightily, to pop.

Zoe Badwi is a singer, apparently. We say Release Us from the bonds of sub-starlets wearing studded denim. Amen.


Not only did Kasia Z apparently not get the dress code memo, she opted for ill-fitting acid wash denim — clue: acid-wash denim dresses are always ill-fitting, unless they have so much Lycra that they can no longer properly be considered denim — which is like a bad '80s flashback for those who don't remember the '80s.


We are torn. Television meteorologist Brodie Harper, of all people, really needn't be wearing tall black leather boots and tights with her dress in the middle of the Australian summer. On the other hand, her dress, with its wide stripe of fringe, is quite lovely and, we imagine, moves beautifully with dancing. What's your verdict?