EOS Lip Balm Will Offer Compensation For Allegedly Causing Rashes and Blisters

Photo via screenshot/YouTube
Photo via screenshot/YouTube

EOS, the lip balm in a container shaped like a ping pong ball, is offering compensation to the millions of consumers who claimed that the lip balm left rashes and blisters on their face.

In January, Rachael Cronin brought a class action lawsuit against the company, claiming that the lip balm caused “severe rashes, bleeding, blistering, cracking and loss of pigmentation” on her lips and around her mouth. BuzzFeed News reports that in a preliminary agreement, EOS has agreed to settle 11 of the aforementioned suits.

According to BuzzFeed, the claimants in the suit are privy to a wide range of compensation, depending on their injuries, from “$75 for verified medical expenses, a $15 cash award, $20 worth of EOS products, or up to $4,000.”


A few questions: How bad would your injuries have to be to get the $4,000? Does anyone affected by this suit actually want $20 worth of product from a company that allegedly caused their lips to bleed, blister or crack? How mad would you be if you ended up with just $15?

Our long national nightmare is over. You are safe to purchase EOS lip balm once more. Moisturize with impunity.

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Ugh EOS is terrible. My lips in the winter are always severely chapped and occasionally blistered and EOS definitely does not help. I got a free one with something I ordered and I’m throwing it in the trash or in someone’s Christmas present. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and almost nothing helps. Anyone have any obscure suggestions I might try? If they sell it in a drugstore, I’ve already tried it.

Currently Valtrex and Burts Bees Ultra Conditioning are the only things getting me through from September till May. I’m thankful that it’s been unseasonably warm this year, that’s helping.