Entertainment Weekly's new issue features Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert parodying the infamous New Yorker Obamas-as-terrorists cover as well as an interview with both of the political talk show hosts. Highlights include Colbert calling the Bush Administration's tenure "a shit burger supreme" and Stewart asking of campaign spending, "'Hey, couldn't you guys tie for $10 million, instead of a trillion?" Aw, but then how would you tell who the bigger shitburger is if they didn't run incessant ads about each other's shitburger-iness for a year? [Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine]


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Like the greats: Carlin, Monty Python, Lenny Bruce, these two have what it takes to be truly incredible, and that is eloquent rage. Listen to what they're saying—they are ANGRY about the way things are. Yes they express it through humor, but the disdain is ever-present and I absolutely fucking adore them both. L'chaim you two crazy kids!