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Enraged Conservatives Threaten to Move to Canada, Where There's No Socialized Medicine! Oh, Wait.

Illustration for article titled Enraged Conservatives Threaten to Move to Canada, Where Theres No Socialized Medicine! Oh, Wait.

Today's health care decision really brought the idiot boys to the yard — and they're mad. So mad, in fact, that they've got half a mind to pack it all up and move somewhere that they'll be free of the tyranny of socialized medicine. Like Canada. Which has had socialized medicine since the late 1970's.


After news of the Affordable Care Act ruling set the internet ablaze with Important Opinions, Buzzfeed's Twitter masochists rounded up one of their signature collections of people being dumb on Twitter. This batch of dummies were incensed over the Supreme Court's ruling and were just about ready to move out of the country. Since Canada's both nearby and English-speaking, what better place for people who hate socialism to emigrate?

That'll teach Obama. Teach him good.


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Well, it's not like they can just up and move to a libertarian wonderland. Plane tickets to Somalia are expensive!