Enjoy This Kanye West Christmas Parody Album, Kreezus

It's not the gift you want; it's the gift you need: a Christmas remake of Kanye West's Yeezus album, courtesy of the Internet.

A trio known as Local Business Comedy is spreading Christmas jeer via Kreezus. The album starts off, "Fuck man, it's Christmas agin" and IT'S ART. According to their SoundCloud page: "If Kanye West made a Christmas album where he believed he is Santa Claus, it would be this."


Kreezus turns the eruptive rage and discord of Yeezus into jingles like "New Sleighs," "I'm In It (The Chimney)" and "I Am a Claus." All the songs—riffs of the original tracks—capture the essence of Kanye's enunciated flow and casual boasts ("How many gifts am I dropping off/ Lemme say I lost count, I don't give fuck").

Not a bad Kanye impression. Yeezy thanks you. Christmas thanks you. Listen below.

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