England To Martha Stewart: Denied! • Woman Beats Sex Offender Neighbor With Bat

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WTF, England: The British government has banned Martha Stewart from entering the UK because of her criminal convictions in 2004. Wait, didn't Paris visit England a few months ago? • Some genius just found out that word-of-mouth influences shopping decisions and now the workplace is being called a "lucrative marketing channel for advertisers." Ugh. • A Mass. high school has banned the nickname, "Redmen," from their sports teams, while residents claim they will continue to fight to keep the name. Goody! I wonder if these "residents" will enjoy my new sport's team nickname, "'Nillamotherfuckers." I think it sounds "very noble and dignified." • GOP women are defecting from McCain! Ok, two women. But one of them is rich! • Meanwhile, the other side of the political spectrum (sort of) thinks reproductive rights aren't playing a big role for women this election year. • Overheard at the beach: "I'll tell you what I would do if a guy gave me a promise statue! I'd lube that shit up and stick it in my vag!" • A woman beat a man with a baseball bat after learning he was a level 3 sex offender from a police flyer. She snapped after remembering him talking to her young daughter, she said she "would do it again" if given the chance. • Oh look! It is a swimming hedgehog! And he's named Shming! Excuse me for a moment, I have to go see if you can nom a hedgehog. (Warning: The voices on the video may cause your head to explode).


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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

@ronaldpagan: The mascot would be on a flag with the legend "Why Are They So Angry?" at the bottom. Take a bow please.

@ronaldpagan: I'm going to assume you've been looking at his voting record in the Senate for awhile. One of the things when his name was first being bandied about for candidacy that made me go "hmmm". (My mamma can tell you.)

I think this part is important

"Obama came down on the side of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who argued that a provision in the new law reaffirmed that FISA, and that act's courts, gives the final say over government spying. President Bush has argued that a war-time chief executive has powers that trump FISA."

although it doesn't address the "all telecom companies off the hook" issue.

I sometimes wish Glenn Greenwald would rant just a little less. Then people might be a bit more amenable to what he actually has to say.

@maria-mercedes: The day they throw the officers of Enron all in jail is the day I believe all felonies are treated equally. Team Martha. No contest.