WTF, England: The British government has banned Martha Stewart from entering the UK because of her criminal convictions in 2004. Wait, didn't Paris visit England a few months ago? • Some genius just found out that word-of-mouth influences shopping decisions and now the workplace is being called a "lucrative marketing channel for advertisers." Ugh. • A Mass. high school has banned the nickname, "Redmen," from their sports teams, while residents claim they will continue to fight to keep the name. Goody! I wonder if these "residents" will enjoy my new sport's team nickname, "'Nillamotherfuckers." I think it sounds "very noble and dignified." • GOP women are defecting from McCain! Ok, two women. But one of them is rich! • Meanwhile, the other side of the political spectrum (sort of) thinks reproductive rights aren't playing a big role for women this election year. • Overheard at the beach: "I'll tell you what I would do if a guy gave me a promise statue! I'd lube that shit up and stick it in my vag!" • A woman beat a man with a baseball bat after learning he was a level 3 sex offender from a police flyer. She snapped after remembering him talking to her young daughter, she said she "would do it again" if given the chance. • Oh look! It is a swimming hedgehog! And he's named Shming! Excuse me for a moment, I have to go see if you can nom a hedgehog. (Warning: The voices on the video may cause your head to explode).