Encourage Men To Focus Less On Your Words, More On Your Ass

The woman in the commercial at left has such a great butt thanks to Reebok EasyTone sneakers that the cameraman can't help but zoom in on her backside. She just smiles and takes his creepy ogling as a compliment. [AdGabber]



This ad was running nonstop during NFL games yesterday. I was watching at a sports bar with 6 or 7 TV's, and it sometimes felt like it was on at least one television at any given moment.

It actually became a topic of conversation. All the guys were like, "What is this ad selling to me (other than this woman's ass)?" I had to explain it was a shoe for women, promising to tone their ass. And then we were all confused. Why advertise a product aimed at women (after all, it IS pink) by producing a chauvinist ad that even men find kind of offensive to women, and then airing it alongside the traditionally chauvinist and male-centric truck and beer advertising of NFL Sunday?

Is Reebok under the impression that men are going to buy these shoes for their wives/girlfriends? "Here honey — I bought you some pink shoes for your fat ass!"

"Pink it and shrink it" suddenly has a new meaning... #reebokeasytonecommercial