Today is the ultimate day for novelty weddings, but one of the most iconic places for romance, the Empire State Building, hosted two particularly special marriages today—and made a little history in the process. The New York landmark has been hosting Valentine's Day weddings for almost 20 years, but today marked the first time that same sex couples were the lucky ones to say "I do."

There was a contest to be selected, and four couples were chosen from hundreds of applicants, two of them same sex pairs. The first duo to marry, Steph Figarelle and Lela McArthur (pictured above), came all the way from their home in Alaska, where same sex marriage is not recognized, for the wedding. The second couple, Phil Fung and Shawn Klein, live in New York and have been together for 18 years. When asked why they chose this as their wedding location, Figarelle said, "The Empire State Building to us in Alaska is like going to Egypt to look at the pyramids. That's what makes it special. It stands for many things. Getting married there sets the tone for our lives together."

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Image via The Empire State Building Company