Emotionally Retarded Hubbies Are Nothing New

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  • A new study indicates that 90% of pregnant women feel stressed during pregnancy, usually over a number of "taboo" topics that they don't feel like they can discuss publicly. Among them? Nearly two-thirds worry that their partners don't appreciate how tired they are and write off any emotional outbursts as "hormonal" — ladies, having a douchebag for a baby daddy is not a taboo topic. Perhaps Britney will take your calls! [Guardian Unlimited]
  • An Iowa Court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriages. Finally, a reason to visit! [CNN]
  • Preliminary studies suggest that eating flaxseed can ease menopausal hot flashes. Mommy, what does a hot flash feel like? [CBS News]
  • A suspected serial killer was arrested in Lansing, Michigan after he killed five women in a month. A sixth woman was attacked last week, but her dog chased the man away. Way to go Lassie! [ABC News]
  • Johnny Cash's often-overlooked first wife Vivian, who died in 2005, compiled a book of letters from the singer during their relationship and had them published as a memoir, "I Walked The Line", out this week. Totally on our reading list, even though we know it's going to tarnish our image of the Man In Black just a lil' bit. [NY Times]
  • Dennis Gallagher is that disgustingly pervy councilman who was arrested for raping a woman earlier this month. What's irking us in particular this morning is that the amNY article about Gallagher and other pols like him describes them as "men behaving badly" — as if raping women is similar to, say, toilet papering a neighbor's house. [amNY]
  • Princess Di's ginger kid Prince Harry was the showstopper at the tribute ceremony for the late Princess of Wales. We mention this mainly because we've always wanted to make a case that Harry is the far hotter son, despite that whole Nazi uniform wearing business. In other news, ginger kids are a dying breed. [Daily Mail, KLTV]
  • Something the French can't be all high and mighty about is a Rwandan commission's assertion that French troops raped women and girls during the 1994 genocide. [The Independent]
  • Brian De Palma's new film Redacted stunned audiences at the Venice Film Festival because of it's brutal depiction of a real-life war crime committed during the Iraq War, in which US soldiers raped a 14-year old girl and murdered her family. Normally we're quite squeamish about violence in movies, but if there ever was a time when hitting audiences with some cold, hard reality is necessary, this it. [Reuters]
  • Aside from being freaking evil, the rise in female feticide may have consequences for Indian society — the United Nations says that fewer Indian women could lead to a rise in sexual violence, child abuse, and wife-sharing. [Reuters]

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