Emmy Fashions: Mostly Pretty. Ryan Seacrest: Mostly Ugly

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Look at Minnie Driver! So fresh and crisp and smiley in her yellow gown! How modern! How cool! Pretty looks like hers were a-plenty at last night's Emmy Awards. But that doesn't mean that there weren't some major missteps, too. Our take on the good, the bad, and the ugly of Emmy fashions, after the jump.

The Good:


Katherine Heigl proves you can wear white after Labor Day; Portia DiRossi and Ellen DeGeneres compliment each other beautifully

Ugly Betty's Becki Newton ousts Ariel, owns the mermaid-shape; Heidi Klum looks gorgeous beyond words — maybe all 83 of her nannies helped her get ready?

The Bad:


Did someone spill Pepto Bismol on Sara Ramirez's dress before she headed out?; Paula Abdul's dress looks like a wardrobe malfunction.


We know we shouldn't mock the pregnants, but Christina Aguilera makes us say "Oy"; And why did Jenna Fischer dress herself in a roll of wrapping paper for an awards ceremony?

The Ugly:


Ellen Pompeo's Flying Nun hair negates classiness of her dress; Hayden Panetierre actually might take flight in sheer volume of her frock.


Ashley Jensen's hair looks straight out of an early 80's prom, and the pink dress doesn't help; Ryan Seacrest, per usual, looks like a lizard.

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Ellen's hair may have sucked but her dress was so beautiful and elegant. I thought Kate Walsh looked HOT, there was a ton of red last night, except for her wacky hair too. I think Ellen was trying to get the Jane Jetson look...