Yup, kids, amidst the glitz and glam, things got ugly. Really ugly.

Vyxsin Fiala is a technical "ugly," yes, and bonus points for pop-topping, but "deliberates" are really a sub-category.

Phoebe Price, on the other hand, seems to be in perpetual earnest. Therein lies her enduring fascination.


Shar Jackson's gown seems to be embellished with fishing lures.

Olivia Wilde's getup is like "David's Bridal" crossed with "hell."


Oy vey. Oy vey. Yes, this is Christina Applegate. And yes, she seems to have purchased this from that rack of forgotten bridesmaid's dresses that props up the wall at every Salvation Army.

It's impossible not to wonder if Kristen Quintrall sewed this herself. In which case, E for effort?


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