It's clearly no easy task to grow up from child celebrity into vaguely well-adjusted adult celebrity, but Emma Watson seems to have done so quite gracefully, continuing to act in blockbuster movies, modeling on the side, and getting involved in fair trade and "ethical" fashion (all while working to complete her undergraduate degree at Brown University.) But Watson isn't exactly immune to the harmful aspects of the beauty and fashion industries. As the Guardian describes, she's learned to take the criticism and pressure in stride:

As a younger woman, that pressure got me down, but I've made my peace with it. With airbrushing and digital manipulation, fashion can project an unobtainable image that's dangerously unhealthy. I'm excited about the ageing process. I'm more interested in women who aren't perfect. They're more compelling."

I mean I'm not exactly going to forgo the grain of salt after finding out that a beautiful actress in her 20s is excited to get older, but it's always really refreshing to hear people who have been put through the grinder not totally succumb to it.

Image via AP.