Emma Thompson Has Been Sprayed With Horse Shit

Emma Thompson, two-time Oscar winning actress and English treasure, has been sprayed with horse shit.

BBC reports that the once-in-a-generation talent had been filming a “Frack-Free Bake Off” yards away from a fracking site. She explains in the above video (which does not show the manure event) that the team’s intention was to bake a solar cake and a wind-powered cake.

“For almost five years, Lancashire has been in the midst of a battle to stop the shale gas industry,” Thompson wrote in a blog post for Greenpeace. “And despite huge local opposition, fracking firm Cuadrilla is determined to set up its rigs and drill.


“So today time we’ve returned—again armed with cake—to the site where Cuadrilla is desperate for the UK’s dash for shale gas to begin. But this time we’re doing a (yes, the dreaded c-word) celebrity bake off, with actress and former champion of Celebrity Master Chef Sophie Thompson, and me-Sophie’s sister.”

Mashable reports:

There was just one problem with her plan: Her cake stall, which was on ground earmarked for fracking by Caudrilla [sic] and is the site of previous cake-themed protests, was breaking a court injunction forbidding protesters from the land.

And so before long, an angry farmer turned up to spray everyone with manure.

Emma Thompson, two-time Oscar winning actress and English treasure, was sprayed with horse shit.

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“Bake a boring old cake?” said Emma, “Nah.”

“I’d rather fight the excavation of lamina!”

But her plan was undone

By a farmer whose fun

Lay in giving his poor horse an enema.