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Emma Stone, Kate McKinnon and Jillian Bell to Star in New Comedy Women in Business

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A comedy titled Women in Business is in the works starring Kate McKinnon, Emma Stone and Jillian Bell. It’s about women in business.


The Hollywood Reporter describes the project as a “hot comedy script” whose plot “centers on two competitive women who are sent on a business trip to Canada. There, they hire a third woman off Craigslist to act as their intern, which derails their trip.”

This script about women being all businesslike was so hot, in fact, it provoked a bidding war between studios. But a man, of course, is directing it: Jake Szymanski, who’s worked on Funny or Die and Saturday Night Live and directed the comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which stars Zac Efron (sidebar: I just watched We Are Your Friends and it’s bad) and Anna Kendrick, and will hit theaters in June.


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