Emma Stone is Being Haunted By the Ghost of Her Grandfather

David Letterman, who is probably right now regretting that decision to retire, got a lesson in what ectoplasm is from Emma Stone, unofficial Hollywood ghost expert.


Stone said her grandfather, who she never met, is leaving behind quarters she finds. There is a long family back story having to with quarters, she said. I am fascinated by this. Is he trying to help her gather coins for laundry day? Is there something he wants from the vending machine, but the spiritual realm he is in doesn't have it? Like Snickers with almonds, maybe?

"That's the joy of it; it's not a logical thing," she said. "It's magical. Like ectoplasm." MAGICAL ECTOPLASM. Of course.

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Owl is lost

He must be the guy who leaves me quarters all the time, too. I'm forever finding them. What a nice guy.

What movie is she talking about?