Emily Mortimer Was Extremely Hat-Conscious When She First Met Woody Allen

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Emily Mortimer can speak Russian (because she learned at Oxford, nbd or anything), admits to crying over American Idol because it has somehow tapped into her emotional core, and thinks Grace Kelly à la High Society is the epitome of Hollywood glamor. These are just a few of the things one can learn after a casual perusal of the Wall Street Journal's frenetic "20 Questions" interview with Mortimer, who stars on an HBO show written by that guy who also wrote Malice (Malice, btw, is pretty cool and Alec Baldwin, spoiler alert, takes his shirt off in it).


Mortimer seems just as charming in this interview as she does in just about every role she's ever had, but, if her squeaky voice seemed endearing before, it will seem even more endearing if you can imagine it describing Mortimer's first meeting with one of her directing idols, Woody Allen:

Woody Allen, you never know what to expect. I obsessed about whether to wear a hat, concerned it might make me look too much like Annie Hall. I decided to walk in wearing it and take it off when I sat down, to show both looks. I walked in, he shook my hand, said "Lovely to meet you. Now I've met you. Goodbye." I thought, I still have my hat on! If only he'd seen it off. But soon I got a handwritten letter from him saying I'd be perfect for the part.

To hat, or not to hat — that dilemma has paralyzed many a social butterfly, and it's nice to know that prospective Woody Allen actors are as shallow and neurotic as many of his characters.

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