There's an ad for Shake-N-Bake, a product owned by Kraft Foods, in the lobby of Kraft's Chicago-area headquarters. The ad is on a mirror, and the copy reads: "You look smashing. But your chicken breasts could use a lift." Hilarious?

More like horrendous. And apparently, as Copyranter reports on Animal New York, no one is laughing:

The Kraft women are furious and the men embarrassed. That's understandable, especially considering that the Kraft CEO is a woman.

Okay: Chicken talk is full of ridiculous stuff — was it Frank Perdue who said "My breasts are as tender as my thighs"? But doesn't this qualifiy as sexual harassment in the workplace? Someone thought it was cheeky, or clever, or funny, but it comes off as rude and crude. It's an awkward campaign. Surely the idea was to grab people's attention, but it's been done in the worst possible way. At least they didn't incorporate the retro catchphrase, "And I helped!"

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