Ellen DeGeneres Melts Down Over Puppy Love

This is really sad. Ellen DeGeneres and her GF Portia de Rossi adopted a mixed-breed puppy a few weeks ago, but when the dog could not become acclimated to their cats, so Ellen sought out a better home for it. She ended up giving the puppy to her hairdresser, who has two little girls, and the dog lived happily with them for like two weeks. But when the adoption agency found out about it, they insisted that Ellen was in breach of her contract, so they showed up at the hairdresser's house with cops and took the puppy back, leaving the little girls in tears. The whole thing must've been so traumatic, as it seems everyone involved was totally attached to that puppy. In the clip above, Ellen loses it on her show, and pleads with the agency to give the dog back to the family. WTF is the deal with this Cruella DeVille adoption agency? When I adopted my dog, the employees at the pound were like, "Peace. And if you try and give her back, we'll charge you $70."


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When my ex and I adopted a second cat to be friends with our crazy ass kitty it was a bit of a hassle. We got the original kitten from a friend, and didn't realize how demanding the shelters/rescue places could be. The first two kitteh's we met had very overzealous (kind of scary) foster parents, however the third kitten was a feral little girl that was found bloody and beaten behind a restaurant and had a very nice owner. We talked, she saw the house, met the other cat, we filled out an application and made the donation, and we had our little Kira. It was so sad to see the difference between a kitty raised in a normal home and one raised in a bad home. She literally hid under the bed for almost a week until my big guy Bailey went in and got her out. It took 6 months for her to not scurry away at anything loud and we realized she had learned everyones voice. If she heard a voice she didn't recognize she would hide, but if she knew you, she was the sweetest thing in the world. Bastard got the kitteh's in the break-up.