Ellen Degeneres Has a Super Tuesday, Wins Big Comedy Prize and Sells Her House to Ryan Seacrest

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Today has really been a banner day for Ellen Degeneres. This morning it was announced that she will be this year's recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, and this afternoon we learned that Ryan Seacrest is buying her Beverly Hills estate for a whopping 49 million dollars. Some of us might still be shrieking from all the good news, but she's handling it all with her usual cool charm.


She hasn't commented on the sale of the estate, which she paid only $29 million for but then added on adjacent properties. As for the prestigious comedy honor, which she'll receive in October at an awards ceremony at the Kennedy Center, she said,

To get the same award that has been given to people like Bill Cosby, Tina Fey and Will Ferrell, it really makes me wonder...why didn't I get this sooner?

Oh, Ellen, every time we think you can't get any better, you do. [Reuters, TMZ]

Speaking of Ellen Degeneres, John Mayer talked to her about his time spent out of the spotlight after he made kind of an ass of himself. He says he just needed to take a break and learn how to be a grown-up:

It was a very strange time and it sort of rocketed me into adulthood. It was a violent crash into being an adult. For a couple of years it was just figuring it all out and I ‘m glad I actually stayed out of the spotlight. Because I think back then I would of said, give me two weeks or like let me get out and do ‘Ellen' and let me explain myself. It was like no, idiot. Go away be 33 and 34 instead of 28 for the 4th year."

He now lives in the middle of nowhere in Montana, and he has the giant cowboy hat to prove it. [Buzzfeed]

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Another day, another development in the mysterious case of John Travolta's groping problem. The original masseur (which sounds like the name of a cocktail) who started this whole brouhaha has decided to dismiss his case against Travolta. No explanation has been given as to why, so either he was lying and realized he couldn't win or Xenu intervened on Travolta's behalf and scared this accuser straight. [E!]

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Of all the embarrassing things Britney Spears has done in public, showing up in front of the cameras with a bloody fingernail hardly tops the list. And yet she is catching heat for appearing yesterday at the X Factor judge announcement with a finger that was bleeding a little bit around the nail because she'd bitten it. What's worse is that she got little bits of blood on her cream colored dress. Biting your nails is one thing, but surely some publicist could have handed her a band-aid. It didn't matter in the end because she changed into a darker dress, and she's being paid so much money to do the show that she'll probably be able to afford manicures from now on. [Radar]

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Taking a break from what we are led to believe is a busy schedule packed with being sad about the fact that she is not pregnant with sextuplets, hating Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and, you know, being a majorly famous actress, Jennifer Aniston has found time to be the new face of SmartWater. How refreshing. She does look very hydrated in the photos for the campaign.

  • We've been wondering what they'd named their newest daughter since Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley adopted her recently, and the answer is Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley. They chose Adalaide because it was Heigl's grandmother's name. They have also revealed that they adopted her as a newborn from somewhere in the United States. This all came out during an interview and photo shoot for Hello, so we should get to see pics of the little lady sometime soon. [Express]

    Those of you who've been scrutinizing Tom Cruise's face looking for any signs of work can officially call off the dogs. The 49-year-old told Playboy he has not gone under the knife, "I haven't, and I never would." [Radar]

    As Lady Gaga makes her way around the world, there have been protests objecting to her risqué performances, but now it looks like her concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, might actually be cancelled because police are refusing to give the necessary permit after an outcry from the public. [CNN]

    The very lucky Katie Couric just got to do an interview with Prince Harry and Prince William. They talked about their grandmother, who we all know as Queen Elizabeth, but to them is just grandma. Said Prince Harry, "Behind closed doors, she's our grandmother, it's as simple as that." Though William revealed that she might not be your stereotypical sweet, soft granny: "As I learned from growing up, you don't mess with your grandmother." Yes, I guess you don't step to someone who's wearing a crown. [Radar]

    If you like your cocktails pre-made and in heinous bottles, then Pauly D's new line of Remix Pre-Game Cocktails might be just the thing for you. They come in a number of flavors, including ""Oye Mojito" and "Strawberry Holla-peno," and they're sure to get the party started, as long as the kind of party you want to have is one where you spend the night alone, hurling neon colored liquids into the toilet. [HuffPo]

    Howard Stern made his debut as a judge on America's Got Talent last night, but unfortunately he didn't bring the show the expected ratings boost. Wah wah. [Reuters]

    Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal and Jay-Z hang out together at clubs and watch basketball games. Okay, great, but one question: why weren't we invited? [CDaN]

    FYI, Mariah Carey does not give a hoot that Britney Spears is going to be on The X Factor. When asked about Spears taking the spot which at one point was rumored to be Mimi's, she said,

    You think I focus on that stuff? Have we met? I love [Britney], honestly. I think she's a very nice person, but I don't care who's going on that show — as long as it's not me.

    Actually, we haven't met, but we'll take your word for it. [Us]

    Joanna Johnson, the actress who plays Caroline Spencer and her identical twin Karen on The Bold and the Beautiful, has come out as a lesbian. She's married to a woman named Michelle Agnew, and they have two young children together. [Us]


My cat hates Tom Cruise

I have a couple of Travolta lawsuit theories...I am leaning more toward #1, but I can't really rule out #2:

1. The people bringing up the lawsuits are being strongarmed into dropping the suits (guy #2 is willing to settle, but I suspect he'll drop it soon enough) by Scientology henchpeople. There have been countless stories over the years of how Scientology has been able to harass just about anybody (including the IRS) into dropping lawsuits against them and their individual members. I wouldn't even be surprised if one of the accusers dies of "natural causes" or by "suicide" in the next few months.

2. Travolta has reportedly been disillusioned by Scientology for years and his desire to leave was intensified after the death of his son. Rumor has it that his auditing sessions were recorded and contain proof of scandal, including his preference for men over women. Threatening Travolta with a taste of the media carnage that would ensue if he was outed would be a way to keep him in line. Once he was back in the fold, the accusers would be paid handsomely (in quiet) and then publicly discredited with incontrovertible proof that they were lying.