Ellen Barkin's Pot-Loving Brother Needs A Job

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  • More info on Ellen Barkin's lawsuit against her ex-husband, billionaire Ron Perelman. Apparently her partner in the film production company Perelman was supposed to be financing is Barkin's brother, George, a former editor of marijuana-obsessed magazine High Times. $3.4 million buys a lot of weed, yo. [PageSIx]
  • Cosmopolitan's Style & Beauty says "guyliner" is out. "The only kind of pencil a man should wield is the writing kind." Sorry, Pete Wentz! [PageSix]
  • The covers of Life &Style and Us Weekly were so similar this week that Us's editor-in-chief, Janice Min, is "irked." An Us spokesperson called L&S "a poor imitation." There's totally going to be a fight after school!
  • A spy says Paula Abdul passes out while she's having her hair and makeup done. Wouldn't you? [PageSix]
  • A studio exec says of Lindsay Lohan's career: "I think she's done." The guy who conducts interventions on addicts for the A&E series Intervention adds: "I predict it's only going to get worse." Oh, man. Well, we'll be watching. [EntertainmentWeekly]
  • Sean Penn and Venezuela's rabblerouser Hugo Chavez talked on the phone and then met in Caracas yesterday. New BFFs? [PageSix]
  • Louis Vuitton will no longer loan Lindsay Lohan clothes, because she took too much from her photoshoot with Elle. This is not really surprising. [ PageSix]
  • Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams' father, who was arrested for tax evasion in Sydney in 2006, has lost his court battle to prevent US authorities extraditing him from Australia. The IRS claims he owes more than $1.5 million in taxes. We can't make a joke, because the IRS scares us. [Yahoo!News]
  • When Nicole Richie goes to jail, she'll be in the same place Paris Hilton did time. That's hot! [TMZ]
  • Poor Madonna! Some old love letters and explicit Polaroids might become public at the same time the head of Malawi's child welfare services spends a week with Madge and her family to assess whether they're fit to adopt baby David permanently. We have a feeling that once the child welfare dude sees the Material Girl's wealthy lifestyle, he will ask to be adopted as well. That's what we would do. [DailyMail]
  • Have you seen the video where Tim McGraw's ring gets taken? [YouTube]
  • Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown and Eddie Murphy's ex-wife Nicole had lunch at Beverly Hills hotspot The Ivy. That Scary: Crazy like a fox! [People]
  • BeyoncĂ© is the new face of American Express. But that doesn't mean you can charge what ever you want and she'll pay the bill. [OK!]
  • If you've dreamed of sailing the ocean with John Mayer, you now have your chance: It's called the Mayercraft Carrier, and it's a three-day cruise hosted by John Mayer. This is not a joke. [MayercraftCarrier, via OhNoTheyDidn't]
  • Single? No problem! Flavor of Love 3 is now casting. [DListed]



@jackieheartsb: Kak.

Thank God for Cosmo. Otherwise, how would I have known that I should'nt be putting a FRIGGIN' BLACK LINE AROUND MY EYE?!?!

Before this ridiculous trend gets any further out of hand: exfoliating is one thing; L'oreal fucking mascara is another!!